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FM Radio Aerials installers in Kent


FM, which stands for frequency modulation, is also known as VHF (very high frequency). The FM broadcasting band extends from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz.  although FM

has the potential to deliver excellent quality when connected to a suitable FM AERIAL, most reception problems on FM radio are caused either by a weak signal or by

some kind of interference.

The reception you get can be influenced by a number of factors:

Reception can vary within a localised area, and some remote areas of the UK are without usable FM signals. unless connected to a external FM Radio Antenna.

Under certain weather conditions, interference can occur between transmitters using the same frequencies. This is more likely in warmer weather, and is most prevalent along the coast.

Pirate radio interference can be a frequent nuisance, particularly in urban areas.

The precise position of your FM radio can affect reception significantly. It can even vary between stations.

Pull-out or ribbon aerials used inside the room are prone to picking up interference from household equipment of all kinds

An external FM Radio Antenna can resolve these problems.


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Kent Aerial installing FM Radio Aerials in Kent



 FM Radio Aerials FM1080 FM1081 FM1083 FM1085
  (Omni) (Omni) (Directional) (Directional)
Forward Gain 0dBi 2.2dBi 7.2dBi 9.1dBi
Front/Back Ratio 0dB 0dBi 15dBi 16dBi
Acceptance Angle deg ± 180° 180° 32° 28°
Windage N (at 130km/h) 14N 22N 67N 128N
Length 510mm Vertical 860mm 2052mm

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